Personal Injury Outcomes

  • Clark County: Client was injured in a dog attack. However, we learned that the dog owner had a business liability policy, and we worked with him to develop facts that brought the dog attack within the coverage of that policy. He failed to file an answer, so we obtained a default order. Afterwards, we determined that he had no homeowner’s insurance, and that he had extremely limited resources. The prospects of collecting were bleak. However, we learned that the dog owner had a business liability policy, and we worked with him to develop facts that brought the dog attack within the coverage of that policy. We eventually obtained a six-figure settlement for our client.
  • Multnomah County: Young woman with pre-existing back problems attempted to settle her own case. Insurer made its “absolute top dollar” offer, and the young woman turned to Rounds Law Office for help. Case settled for approximately five times the supposed top dollar amount.
  • Clackamas County: Client’s daughter died in a single-car collision. The driver had very low liability limits, and there was no UIM coverage under the daughter’s out-of-state policy. When Rounds Law Office insisted that the driver contribute his own money to a settlement, the driver tried to hide resources, and he threatened to file bankruptcy. Rounds Law Office pressed ahead, forcing the at-fault driver to contribute his own money to the settlement.

Insurance Coverage Outcomes

  • Clients were the parents of a teenage son whose intentional acts harmed another minor. They were sued for allegedly failing to adequately supervise their son. The family’s insurance policy had a well-written exclusion which seemed to eliminate any hope of coverage for the parents or their son. Working behind the scenes, Chris helped identify facts that could take parts of the case outside of the exclusion. This caused the insurer to back off. The insurance company paid for a thorough defense, and it eventually paid a large sum to settle the case.
  • Client retained a big-firm attorney to defend him in a boundary dispute. After spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, the client switched to Rounds Law Office. Chris immediately convinced the client’s insurer to pay to defend the claim even though the plaintiff was not seeking monetary damages. The insurer hired a surveyor whose work allowed us to get a favorable resolution at the insurer’s sole expense.
  • Client was a general contractor who was sued for alleged leaks in a custom home. His insurer refused to defend, citing a standard policy exclusion that often applies in such situations. Chris produced evidence and arguments that some of the damage was not subject to the exclusion, forcing the insurer to defend. Although most of the alleged damage fell within the exclusion, the insurer shouldered all of the litigation and settlement costs.

Litigation Outcomes

  • Client was a property manager who had worked smoothly with an HOA. But things soured when new HOA leaders came on board and hired a particularly combative and inherently suspicious attorney. He filed suit against the client, alleging mismanagement of funds. We gathered and summarized evidence to refute his claim. Our work was so persuasive that the HOA fired the attorney, dismissed the case, and renewed the client’s management contract.
  • Client installed a furnace for his employer, who was in the business of flipping homes. The employer made a claim against the client, alleging that the client was working as an independent contractor, and that he had installed the furnace improperly. We schooled the employer on all the laws he was violating by treating employees as independent contractors, and we proved that the problems with the furnace were caused solely by his own decisions.

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